January 18, 2007


void: in jigsaw puzzles, the space into which the rounded projection ("nub") is placed to form a "lock."
--Wierd Words, Irwin M. Berent and Rod L Evans

Bloggin John Comments
Finally: a vocabulary to use while locking the nubs into the voids of a crossword puzzle!

I don't know by what authority Berent--with a Master's degree in history--and Evans--with a Ph.D. in philosophy--claim that the terms void, nub, and lock comprise the basic nomenclature of jigsaw puzzles. I could find no other sources about jigsaw puzzle terminology on the Web, not even at site of the National Jigsaw Puzzle Society. So unless some more authoritative source comes forth with another set of terms, the parts of a jigsaw puzzle are, apparently, void, nub, and lock.

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  1. Hey Dad!

    This site is great! This word reminded me that I love jigsaw puzzles. Pete and I used to pick one up at Walgreens for the weekend, and we might again this weekend.

    Keep up the great blog!