January 24, 2007


lethologica: the temporary inability to recall a word or name
--The Century Dictionary

Bloggin' John Comments:
Lethologica derives from two Greek roots:
The river of oblivion, one of the streams of Hades, the waters of which possessed the quality of causing those who drank of them to forget their former existence;
• In Greek mythology. the personification of oblivion, a daughter of Eris,
logos: that which is said or spoken, a word, saying, speech, also the power of the mind manifested in speech, reason, account, reference, analogy, proportion, ratio, condition, etc.
--The Century Dictionary

In short, lethologica: death of a word in memory.

From Paradise Lost:
Far off from these a slow and silent stream,
Lethe, the river of oblivion, rolls
Her watery labyrinth. Milton, P. L., ii. 583.


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