January 8, 2007


pixilated adj.
1) Behaving as mentally unbalanced; very excentric.
2) Whimsical, prankish.
3) Slang Intoxicated; drunk [From PIXIE]
-- Pixilation n.

Bloggin' John Comments:
In 1936 pixilated appeared in the dialogue Frank Capra's movie "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town." The film popularized the word "pixilated", which was used (in this case) to imply craziness, or the seeming illogical nature of Longfellow Deeds' actions in the film."
--Wikipedia: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

J. N. Hook in The Grand Panjandrum gives an imaginative scenario of this curious word's origin: "A pixie is a mischievous fairy, spright, or person. Combine pixie with titillated and you get pixilated, 'mischievous, amusingly tricky or unpredictable, whimsical, a bit eccentric.': . There is also a noun, pixilation."

But the Oxford Compact English Dictionary states that pixilated derives from "from pixie-led, led astray by pixies"--a more likely explanation.

Whatever the origin, pixilated can be just the right word to describe an eccentric friend caught in the middle of some whimical prank or amusing deed.

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