January 7, 2007


bing: v. To go.
--Bing avast; get you gone. Binged avast is a darkmans; stole away in the night. Bing we to Rumeville; shall we go to London?

-- The Vulgar Tongue Francis Gross

Bloggin' John Comments:
The definition of bing above was taken from from the oldest dictionary of English slang, Francis Gross's The Vulgar Tongue, which was first published in 1785. The sample sentences above may a bit difficult to follow. All you need to know is that bing means to go.

I like the sound of the word: bing! I 'd love to hear people saying . . .
"It's late. Gotta bing."
"When will you binging into the river?"

"Bing avast!" said the Ship's Captain, a sharp taskmaster, to the lazy sailor.

"Was Wanda a bing bing dancer in the sixties?"
"Hurry, or you'll be late! Bing! Bing! Bing!"

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