January 3, 2007


rejectamenta n. things that have been rejected, as being worthless. n.
A delicate way for a young lady to refer to a former suitor -- "one of my rejectamenta."

-- The Superior Person's Book of Words, Peter Bowler.

rejectamenta. n. Things thrown out or away; especially, things excreted by a living organism n.
Derived forms: rejectamentas
-- WordWeb Online

Bloggin' John Comments:
Thrifts shops, of course, abound with out the apparent need for the word. But did you know that there is a museum of rejectamenta in England? It's called the Rejectamenta Museum of 20th Century. The museum's promotional copy states that the museum is in much demand among photographers, theatre groups, film and television companies for authentic props from throughout the century. "Rejectamenta also hire out packages or single items from their comprehensive collection, put together over the last 25 years by Stella Mitchell, B.A. who is available for talks and demonstrations for clubs, societies and groups of all kinds."

Sample sentences:
• Dubya's latest speech was interlarded with the usual euphemized rejectamenta.
• Bad dog! No rejectamenta on the carpet!

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  1. As a champion of recycling, I am happy to
    have rejectamenta in my vocabulary.
    Thanks John!